Products: controlled and certified

Technical consultation for problem-solving in step with our times

Everything that Tecno Minuterie produces is documentable and subject to strict quality controls.


Every lot is traceable. Raw materials like iron, brass, copper, and stainless steel are certified. A datasheet accompanies every product, and the galvanic process is also certified. Tecno Minuterie has all necessary documentation to certify the features of its processed products.

“If necessary, we certify the thickness of the galvanic bath or have specific tests carried out by external laboratories so we can satisfy the standards chosen by our clients, who expect a signed guarantee that all of our products comply with specific requisites. It is fundamental that we ensure conformity with directives and regulations, e.g., with Reach, which certifies the chemical safety of a product. In this regard, Tecno Minuterie has always guaranteed the utmost precision without a single problem”.

The restrictive criteria imposed by standards in terms of finishes have certainly made products safer. That being said, they have also created inevitable consequences that were previously non-existent, such as a decreased resistance to corrosion. A nickel-free finish has more aesthetic value, but it is also more sensitive to corrosion.

Problems in step with the times

Research and Development of technological solutions to guarantee enhanced product quality

In case of eventual deterioration of an accessory, responsibility must be correctly assessed in close collaboration with the user. Tecno Minuterie is open and willing to discuss the best solutions for satisfying our client’s needs without compromising the product’s final quality, thus guaranteeing the highest standards of applied finishes.

“There are several factors that can cause problems for an accessory, including the leather itself. These can be caused by the transfer of some element that might be nebulized or deposit onto the protective varnish of a hook, causing the opacification of the accessory.”.

Specific problems might arise before or after the production process. For this reason, Tecno Minuterie strives for innovative solutions that guarantee the processing of a product – which in itself is already guaranteed – that complies with standards concerning raw materials and subsequent processing.

Tecno Minuterie has always provided highly specialized technical consulting.

“We are always in search of novel solutions to satisfy the specific requests of our clients. We seek out continuous collaboration to reach the most appropriate solution in a sector that is in constant evolution”.