Technological evolution

From traditional shearing to solid-wire molding

The new process of cold heading / cold molding guarantees quicker execution time and reduced production costs


Solid-wire molding is a hybrid process developed by modifying machines suited to producing screws and adapting them to the production of rivets for assembly or decoration.

Our specialists are able to design and calibrate the equipment to produce new products and give innovative solutions for the sectors in which it operates.

“We have divided into two specialized areas. On one side, we have the traditional sheared products. On the other, we have this newer process that we’ve been working with for about a decade. It’s solved several significant problems, including the enormous production costs and time needed to create non-standard items that don’t need large or continuous production runs.

We have chosen to invest in equipment that allows us to work differently – and with significantly reduced timeframes, and our client companies in the fashion sector have genuinely benefitted from this.

Among the many products we can create, there are rivets that can be used to substitute the classic studs attached to ballerina shoes, bags, and other items. These substitutions result in improved products at lower costs. A lathe-made screw is a beautiful thing, and perhaps even the best you can have. Moreover, making one of these with our innovative production system lets us significantly reduce the cost for our clients”.

The importance of galvanic baths

Cutting edge technology with the least environmental impact

Tecno Minuterie has introduced state-of-the-art technology that utilizes highly efficient wash cycles with low environmental impact. These baths degrease and wash the raw rivets before starting the external galvanic bath, which is less suited to this type of item.

“In the case of our solid rivets, we carry out a unique type of preparation.

We’re able to provide our clients with all types of finish: gunmetal, antique nickel, gold, brass, and even fluorescents. All nickel free and in compliance with current regulations.


Nowadays, major fashion brands come to us for specialized technical consultation to develop new technical solutions. These solutions lead to precise specifications that the entire supply chain must comply with in order to respond promptly to product requirements”.