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Where details makes all the difference, you’ll find Tecno Minuterie.



With over 30 years of experience producing metal smallwares and cast molds, we continuously seek out innovation thanks to continuous evolution in technology and organizational systems.

“We started out in 1986, – says Silvano Ceron, owner and founder of the company together with Aldo Crivellari – starting from scratch. We had one standard product: a hook for work shoes. From there, we expanded our range, adding products aimed at the footwear sector, which for years was our main market outlet. About ten years ago, we started production on smallwares in steel and brass for apparel, a niche line that originally began outside of the company. In this way, we further diversified our product range into the world of fashion as well.”


The history of Tecno Minuterie is characterized by constant research and innovation supported by state-of-the-art technology. Tecno Minuterie started thirty years ago, producing metal smallwares and cast molds for the heavy-duty footwear sector. Over the years, it has evolved and expanded into other fields.

Our philosophy has always been to provide more products to cover different markets. Of course, this doesn’t mean neglecting our traditional product lines, such as mass-produced and semi-automatic sheared wares. Indeed, these products (ring hooks – self-perforating, with rivets and with backs – eyelet bases and multiples, spines and support inserts for heels, gasket washers, capped rivets, set eyelets, backs, buckles, and quick-releases) allow us to achieve excellent sales figures every year, especially in countries outside the EU, where 70-75% of our sales takes place“.

Alongside these products, Tecno Minuterie has astutely manufactured others to satisfy a niche market, enjoying success, especially in European markets. For example, our solid rivets can be used to design innovative forms capable of giving our clients in the leatherware or footwear sector a distinct quality to their collections. Moreover, Tecno Minuterie has managed to create these unique products without investing in complicated production equipment, which would have negatively impacted our final costs.

“The unique quality of these rivets is that they’re made of a single piece instead of two. This means we can significantly lower the cost of the metal cast molds and assemblers needed for each rivel model while also speeding up production and delivery times”.

Other innovations that Tecno Minuterie has placed on the market include a line of rivets that create a button-look, which even simulate a thread that ties it to the leather. This aesthetic effect is difficult to reproduce using a sheared product. This rivet looks like a fusion of zamak (a high-quality product), but it can be sold on the market at a very affordable price and with reasonable application costs. In fact, it can be safely applied with automatic machines or with a regular press.

“In the hook sector, we have introduced a truly innovative prototype. By using the production technology of our solid rivets, we’ve been able to make an entirely new hook that has the fastening system of a rivet but the appearance of a button; the fact that it is raised a few millimeters means you can insert a lace that runs as if it were on a sheave or pulley wheel. The resulting product combines three types of different products (a solid rivet with its various shapes, a snap button and an eyelet base), thus obtaining a new, innovative product that can be used for lacing shoes or briefcases without having to use a lathe”.

Tecno Minuterie has worked long and hard on its finishes, using a wide variety of colors and new galvanic shades (like “Big Babol” and “Aurora Boreale”) which, when combined with our new products, embellishes their visual effect and rendering them aesthetically superior.

Tecno Minuterie has become a reliable reference for footwear and heel industries and the broader industries of apparel and leatherware. It offers an extensive catalog of high-quality products characterized by a perfect balance of quality and price.

The company has a section dedicated to the design of new products and smallware for automatic machines, such as the line of rivets composed of a single piece.

Aldo Crivellari states, “We have created our own line characterized by rivets that, instead of being made in three pieces (of which two require pre-assembly), are made of just a single one. For those who use a lot of rivets and attach them with automatic machines, which is often the case in the production of belts or leatherware in general, this innovation guarantees a reduction in production time and, consequently, a reduction in costs.”

Care, commitment, and attention to detail pay off. Tecno Minuterie is proud of its excellent position on the market, both in Italy and abroad.

STATE CONTRIBUTIONS (Publication in accordance with L. 124/2017)

For the year 2020, Tecno Minuterie Snc (VAT no. 01327070288), received the following grants:


Erogating Subject Sum collected Collection date Motivation
Agenzia delle Entrate €22.250,00 14/07/2020 Contributo a fondo Perduto. Decreto Rilancio – Art.25 del decreto legge 19 Maggio 2020 n.34
Agenzia delle Entrate €3.579,00 Anno 2020 Credito d’imposta canoni locazione ad uso non abitativo anno 2020 – Decreto Rilancio – decreto legge 19 Maggio 2020 n.34
Total State aids €25.829,00